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Copy of letter from Captain John Roberts.

The steel barque 'Beeswing', 1462 tons, at Port Adelaide. [steel barque, 1462tons ON101969. 236.5 x 36.0 x21.7. Built 1893 Russell and Co. Greenock Owners Beeswing Sailing Ship Co. Ltd (Prichard Bros and Co Porthmadog) registered London, sold in 1907 to JB Walmsley and co. registered Liverpool.

The Beeswing and two other sailing ships owned by Walmsley sailed from Pensacola in Florida with cargoes of timber bound for Liverpool. Captain Roberts’s ship was sunk by a submarine by gunfire south west of Ireland as was the KILLARNEY. Captain Brown, who this letter was addressed to, in command. All crew members managed to escape in the lifeboats. The HAROLD, mentioned in the letter evaded the enemy and reached Liverpool. Unfortunately she was sunk on her next voyage. Captain Owen Parry, of Criccieth, master of her was drowned.


Lleiniau House
June7th 1917
Captain Brown
My Dear Friend.
Excuse me of being so long of without writing to you. I was very glad to hear that you got home safe and all your crew. the same as we did. It was an awful sight to see our ships gone as they did. But we ought to thank God we both got home safe. It would be awful to go in German hands. We are living in an awful time just now. I knew Mrs Brown was very anxious about you by seeing us so long coming home. I understand the “Harold” got to Liverpool safe. Pity we didn’t get there also with our cargoes. Most likely you feel about it at times, losing our old homes. I don’t know what to do next. . You can’t say I will stop home just now or they might put kakie (sic) on us. I would sooner be a sailor than a soldier. I daresay Mrs Brown and your little children was as glad as my Mrs seeing you home safe again. We both join and wishes you good health, hoping we shall meet again soon. James gave me a good reference and settled without any trouble as usual. But he gave me nothing.

With kind regards from
Yours truly

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