WELSH COSTUMES / FIRST SERIES / Errand girl, Farmer's daughter, Market woman, Winter costume, Llanarth girl. Day & Son Lithrs. to The Queen / J.C. Rowland Del. / Drawn on stone by J McGahey Liverpool. [no publishers details]
Description: 5 women
(1) The Errand girl has a straw hat, goffered cap, a striped gown with short puffed sleeves; a shawl over a white kerchief and a white apron over a striped skirt. Like the next two women, she is wearing rather delicate shoes.
(2) The Farmer’s daughter has a Welsh hat over a goffered cap; a fine paisley shawl with a kerchief tied around the collar of a bodice or shirt; and a flounced? skirt. She is carrying a small bag in her right hand and a handkerchief in her left.
(3) The Market woman has a straw hat over a white goffered cap; a gown with a white kerchief tucked into it, and a bold check shawl tucked into the apron and a quilted skirt. She is carrying two baskets with her market goods, and has a small tin can containing a drink attached to her apron.
(4) The woman in winter costume appears in a number of prints and is always knitting. She has a Welsh hat over a cotton kerchief or plain cap, and a large hooded cloak over a check apron with a flounce in it, with a striped skirt beneath. The cloak hides any detail of a gown, but a little of a check shawl is visible. She is wearing patens under her shoes.
(5) The Llanarth girl is rare in that it depicts a side and rear view of a Welsh costume. She has a goffered cotton cap, striped gown, with the corners of the tail tucked in; a check shawl with patterned border; short spotted cotton sleeves, and a striped skirt with a light-coloured binding along the bottom edge. She is wearing wooden soled clogs with leather uppers. Presumably Llanarth is the one in Ceredigion, not north Wales.
Medium: lithograph
Size: paper: 24.7 x 32; image: 21 x 28.2
Artist: J. C. Rowland
Engraver: McGahey, J., (Liverpool)
Printer: Day and Son
Publisher: Anon
Date: 1850s

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