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Group of eight women in a village street with a cottage and mountains in the background.
(1) woman in 'man's' hat, goffered cap, bedgown with collar, check skirt.
(2) woman in Welsh hat, goffered cap, kerchief, shawl, short-sleeved ?gown, apron, striped skirt, carrying a jug, and a baby in a shawl.
(3) woman carrying a jug on her head over n coal-scuttle hat, shawl, gown, apron.
(4) woman with?no hat, shawl, gown, skirt
(5) woman in coal-scuttle hat, goffered cap, kerchief, gown, apron, holding a pig on a lead.
(6) woman in Welsh hat, goffered cap, cloak with hood
(7) woman in Welsh hat, goffered cap, on horseback
(8) woman in Welsh hat, goffered cap, shawl, gown, apron, knitting

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