Temple of Peace 50th Anniversary Appeal publication, entitled "The Humane Race", detailing:- The undertaking of 1,000 visits to schools, giving 50,000 children an appreciation of international affairs.- Pioneering the first GCE in Development Education. Establishing a Welsh Centre for International Affairs Fellow in the Department of Education, University College, Cardiff.- Creating a young person's international exchange giving hundreds of individuals from more than 30 countries the opportunity to visit Wales and placing 100 British volunteers overseas annually.- Raising £250,000 for UNICEF.- Co-ordinating Sport Aid in Wales.- The cover showing 24,000 people running to raise cash for the starving, finishing at The Temple of Peace and raising £500,000 - equivalent to saving 10,000 children's lives.- WCIA and the Temple provided a HQ for the Freedom from Hunger campaign in the UK;- and the David Davies Memorial Institute for International Affairs was created in parallel.

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