This pamphlet is the 1923-1924 annual report of the Welsh League of Nations Union. Commentary provides an explanation of the establishment of the League of Nations Union and a description on the history of the LNU in Wales. The work conducted during the 1923-1924 year ranged from local events to broader international engagement. The highlight of the year came with the memorial from the women of Wales to the women of America. This pamphlet described the background to the memorial, the reception in American and illustrations of the message and the oak chest in which it was sent (pp. 16- 20).

Appendices provided information on:

A) The Welsh LNU’s income and expenditure for the year ending 31 December 1923.
B) Donations and special subscriptions received by the Welsh League of Nations movement during 1923.
C) A 1923 report of the League of Nations. It included information that outlined how the League operated as an organisation and the various sub-committees affiliated to the League.
D) A headmaster’s report on how the League was taught in an elementary school in Wales.
E) A list of branches in Wales and Monmouthshire.
F) A list of member states of the League with their year of entry and population size.

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