This form contains the information provided by Arthur Falconer, the master of the DERBENT, about the attack by U 96. The interview was undertaken by Lt C. C. Lunley at Holyhead on the same day as the sinking. The completed form was returned to the Intelligence Division of the Admiralty in Whitehall, London.

The form includes remarks about the DERBENT not travelling in the shipping lane prescribed by the Shipping Intelligence Officer at Liverpool. The torpedo was fired from landward (i.e. the U-boat was between the ship and the shore), meaning that the U-boat was lying in wait very close indeed to the prescribed and patrolled shipping lane. Lt Lunley refers to the loss of another ship in the same area, in the same circumstances, a few days previously. This would have been the APAPA.

ADM 137/942. Auxiliary Patrol Weekly Reports, Area XXII, Holyhead, 1917. ADM - Records of the Admiralty, Naval Forces, Royal Marines, Coastguard, and related bodies. The National Archives, Kew. pp. 349-53.

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