Date: 5 March 1917


Big Steamship Had Passengers From Argentina.

Buenos Aires, March 5.—The British liner Drina, 11,443 tons, carrying passengers and cargo of meat from Argentina to England, has been sunk, the local office of the Royal Mail Steamship Companw [sic] announced today.

Presumably the liner was attacked by a submarine. The passengers and crew were landed on the English coast.

The Drina left the Rio de la Plata on Feb. 1. She had many passengers aboard, mostly English, but also some Argentinans and others. She called at Rio Janeiro and Lisbon. Her cargo consisted mostly of meat.

The Royal Mail liner Drina was in the zone of the operations of the German commerce raider in mid-January and was reported sunk. She reached Rio de Janeiro, on the morning of Jan. 20, Montevideo, on Jan. 25.

The Drina received a message from Dakar, Africa, warning her of the presence of the German raider in the South Atlantic. The warning and a sharp lookout enabled the Drina to escape the raider.

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