Case Study: Io Saturnalia!


The history of Saturnalia, the Roman mid-winter festival. The video in this teaching pack was created by Somerton Primary School as part of Kids in Museums Takeover Day 2016. You can find a link to the video below, as well as a link to a collection of objects selected by the School on their visit and a story to find out a little more about the Roman mid-winter festival of Saturnalia.

The attached resources can help you create your own videos. They include a template storyboard, and some example scenes and lines that were used for creating the Saturnalia video.


Key Stage 2

History, Digital Competence Framework, Computing, Literacy skills


Case Study

See how other schools have used our website to give you ideas for your own digital projects.


Download Teaching Resource

Io_Saturnalia(English).pdf Io_Satwrnalia(Cymraeg).pdf

Create a video: Use the resources found on this page to plan and create a video to upload on a topic of your choice. You can use this website with your research. Create a collection to include the video, and any accompanying items, and a story to tell us more about the topic. See Teacher's Toolbox for tips on how to make the most of the Digital Competence Framework when forming a project.

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