'War's Hell!' - The Battle of Mametz Wood in Art


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Art inspired by the battle of Mametz Wood. This pack contains tasks based on the artwork, along with information about the works. There are also links to collections of items relevant to Mametz Wood on our website.


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History, Art and Design, Literacy Skills, Digital Competence Framework


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This resource provides learning activities for your students using our website. See the Quick Links below for content to accompany this Teaching Resource.


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This resource uses some of the material gathered for the National Museum Cardiff exhibition ‘War’s Hell!’ the Battle of Mametz Wood in Art, which took place in 2016, 100 years after the battle. It explores the responses of artists and poets to one of the fiercest battles involving Welsh regiments of the First World War.

During the battle, from 7th to 12th July 1916, the 38th (Welsh) Division fought to take control of Mametz Wood in northern France as part of the wider Somme offensive. It was at great human cost. In five days four thousand soldiers from The Welsh Division were killed, injured or declared missing in action.

The title for the exhibition was taken from Robert Graves’s emotive poem, A Dead Boche, 1917. He was one of several poets and artists who experienced the Battle of Mametz Wood first-hand.

This exhibition is no longer running, but you can find the necesarry sources here, along with other items relevant to the battle on our website.


Digital tasks to do in the classroom



Creating an online exhibition: Your learners gan explore items within the collections by following the above links. Then, they can collaborate to form an online exhibition to be shared with a wide audience of items and artwork that conveys a certain message. They can also evaluate their work.

Create a Story from Impressions of the Poems: The teaching pack contains reflective tasks, where the learners are asked to write their impressions of the poetry. They can create content on this website by creating a story containing images and videos, to share these impressions.

Research: Use this website to carry out the research mentioned in the teaching pack.

Create a Story from Impressions of the Paintings: As with the poetry task, your learners can carry out the same task discussing the paintings. 


See Teacher's Toolbox for tips on how to make the most of the Digital Competence Framework when forming a project.

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