Three Cliffs Bay by Arthur Cole

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Clouds floating by, a cool gentle breeze.

a slow ebbing tide, on a blue tranquil sea.

Limestone cliffs, adorning from high,

black backed gulls gliding, a clear blue sky.

Soft golden sands, fresh air so clean,

steep dunes abound, beauty serene.

Pennard Castle, perched upon high,

legendry 'fairies' on ragwort stems fly.

Scavenger cliff, a rock climber's dream,

Pennard Pill, the bay's feeding stream.

Three Cliffs, the jewel in Gower's crown,

so regal, so peaceful, world wide renowned.

Pebbles and Tor Bay, a trilogy complete,

only at low tide, do all three bays meet.

Company or solitude, whatever you choose,

Three Cliffs the jewel, we must never lose.


Copyright Arthur Cole 2016 (89)


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