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Winston Lewis Transcription  recorded on the 11/04/2023 over the phone at Paul Sartori House, Haverfordwest.

Present: Winston Lewis (WL), Fianolla Allen (FA), Kiara Quimby (KQ)


00:00:01 FA: Hello, Mr. Lewis.

00:00:02 WL: Hello there.

00:00:03 FA: Hi, I'm Fianolla Allen, and I've just been involved with the Paul Sartori foundation over the years as a volunteer. And so, erm. Obviously, you know this is going to be recorded and we're going to transcribe it.

00:00:18 WL: I don’t care.

00:00:19 FA: Into the archives. So are you happy you're happy for that to, to be the case?

00:00:23 WL: Yes, yeah.

00:00:24 FA: That's good. So just to start, can I have your if you don't mind your full name and date of birth, if you're willing?

00:00:33 WL:  it’s Winston Peter Lewis, the 15th of November 1941.

00:00:36 FA: Lovely. So, I have permission to record this interview?

00:00:40 WL:  yep.

00:00:41 FA: and when, when, these are sort of generic questions and we can divert from these as we go along, where and when were you born?

00:00:50 WL: 1941.

00:00:52 FA: Yeah, but in Llanelli?

00:00:50 WL: In Llanelli

00:00:56 FA: in Llanelli, yeah and how did you first meet Father Satori?

00:01:00 WL, In primary school.

00:01:01 FA: Lovely. And can you recollect that early meeting? Or your earliest memory?

00:01:09 WL: Yes. And do I think many years ago I sent you a cutting with that letter when I sent you that original photo some years ago when you were appealing for some information. So, we were in school till about 11 and he then.

00:01:23 FA: Right.

00:01:28 WL: He went off to Saint Mary's College in Llandeilo.

00:01:33 FA: Right. So, So what sort of what would your favourite stories about father be? If any?

00:01:41 WL: Always, always dashing about looking scruffy as hell.

00:01:45 FA: As a child now and, and apparently as an adult, from what I can understand, the interviews we've done, so any anything in particular?

00:01:56 WL: No, nothing in particular.

00:01:57 FA: No, no and, and did you continue to be friends after primary school, or do you just?

00:02:06 WL: well, no we drifted apart, he went away, he went off, then to St Marys then to Aberystwyth off to erm, English College in Lisbon and of course, got a day and then was shuffled about the place and after. But he always called to see us when he, if he was back in Llanelli.

00:02:29 FA: Yeah. And would you say he had any impact on, on your family or, you know, did you know?

00:02:37 WL: Well, we we knew the family as a whole. They're very good. People, and particularly as parents, were very saintly people.

00:02:46 FA: Where they are? Awh.

00:02:47 WL: And, and not in the sickly sense.

00:02:50 FA: Yeah, I know what you mean. Yeah, still with an edge, so. Yeah. And I'm just trying to think if there's any story you'd like to, you know…

00:03:02 WL: Nothing particular is what I put in that letter.

00:03:03 FA: Nothing. Yeah. What? What about in school? Did he?

00:03:07 WL:

I can't remember that far back now, I’m getting a bit on myself, you know.

00:03:08 FA: No, no. Yeah, that's true, that's true. So as a character, could you sum up Father Satori in any in a few, few words?

00:03:22 WL: Bubbling with energy, always cheerful.

00:03:25 FA: Lovely.

00:03:26 WL: Just a wonderful character and always, er a touch of wickedness perhaps, that’s that I’d say, you know.

00:03:36 FA: That's lovely. Yeah, that's great. Great. Well, that's very good. So Kiara is  going to have a word now.

00:03:44 KQ: erm, is It OK if I ask you a little bit about what your experience in school was like, so we can get a sort of a better picture of like a typical day in the life, what you would have studied, what your teachers were like. If you can remember anything like that, that would be very useful.

00:03:57 WL: Well, the, the school was Saint Mary's School in Llanelli. The nuns were all from the A (need to check this) Order. Mainly Irish. Strict disciplinarians and it was a very basic primary school education.

00:04:19 KQ: Did you participate in a lot of sports? I've been told that Father Satori was a bit of, erm he like long jump and running when he was in school.

00:04:27 WL:Yes, well, that would have been in Saint Mary's in College in Llandeilo

00:04:33 FA: In the senior, yeah.

00:04:35 KQ: So, did you when you studied you did primary. Did you go follow on into the same secondary school as Father Sartori or did you go your separate ways?

00:04:42 WL: No, no. Father Sartori went to the Camelot colleague, St. Mary's in Llandeilo.

00:04:49 KQ: Brilliant. OK, thank you and-

00:04:53 WL: I'm not sure whether he was sponsored by the dialysis or part, or his parents pay that I'm not quite sure, it's going to be the combination of either and then he went off to Saint Mary In Aberystwyth, which prepare people, perhaps who haven't done quite so well in a levels etcetera to, you know for rentals into the seminary.

00:05:19 KQ: Do, do you think from your earlier earliest memories that he had that sort of desire and passion to become a priest? Or do you think that's something that came to him later on?

00:05:29 WL: It came later on, I think, and he shocked his mother.

00:05:34 FA: He's just an ordinary, normal, schoolboy, wasn't he?

00:05:37 WL: Yeah. Absolutely, yeah.

00:05:38 FA: yeah, that's nice. That's good.

00:05:40 KQ: and in regards to his mother, you mentioned in your letter that she referred to him using a term. Can you remember what you said to us and and can you elaborate on that a little bit please?

00:05:50 WL: yeah, Gypsy,

00:05:52 FA: Oh right.

00:05:58 WL: It's gotta be careful these days. What you say or you'll get along until- Called the whole personal God knows what. She always referred to him as the gypo of the family.

00:06:05 KQ: It was it more as a a term of endearment. There wasn't it?

00:06:09 WL: yes, exactly.

00:06:10 FA: Oh, that's lovely.

00:06:12 KQ: But is, is there anything else that you'd like to add or mention before we wrap this up?

00:06:17 WL: No, there's one thing I don’t know whether you’d like it? I've got some photos of the church in Llanelli, where he was ordained if they have had used to you?

00:06:26 KQ: All of those things are, are absolutely welcome. Yes, please.

00:06:31 WL: Also, would you like a photograph of his gravestone?

00:06:37 KQ: Everything like that would be most welcome. Thank you, Mr. Lewis.

00:06:40 WL: redacted. But once I've done it, I'll, I'll pass them on to you.

00:06:52 KQ: Ohh, that's amazing. Thank you so much and thank you so much for your time we.

Really appreciate it

00:06:57 WL: No problem,Take care.