World Council of Churches Work Camp circa 1968

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A list of names of participants involved in the preparation of the site, before the new building (Community House) was started in 1963.

The volunteers were part of the World Council of Churches and they came from places as far afield as Germany, USA and Israel.

Most of the work that they did was "dirty and soul-destroying" (Angus Duncan). However, they helped save the Church a lot of money, which went towards the new building that opened 50 years ago in April 1969. Much of the work involved chipping mortar off bricks which were salvaged from the demolition of the large Church that once stood on the corner of Eton and Corporation Road. This Church used to be known as the Corporation Road Forward Movement. It was a large building, built at the time of the 'Welsh Revival' that took place during the turn of the century (1900s). This 'revival' only lasted a few years.