The Photo collection of W. E. Bowen, Glynneath.

Welcome to the W E Bowen photo collection, this collection is for the storage of all the old photos my father collected over the years. W E Bowen or Billy as he was known had a passion for photography and recorded many events in the Upper Neath Valley and surrounding districts.

One of his other passions was collecting old photos of the area, people would come to him to copy old photos they had and ask him to copy it, in return with their permission he would keep a copy of the photo for his own collection. Unfortunately record keeping was not his strong point so I have no record of who donated what photo over the years.

There are 18 items in this collection

Cwmgwrach Street Scenes

  • 248
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Glynneath junior angling competition

  • 280
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Scenic engravings from the Waterfall Country...

  • 173
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Pontneathvaughan waterfall photos

  • 208
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Motor Bike scrambling at Dinas Rock,...

  • 214
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Pontneathvaughan cricket club

  • 232
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Glynneath golf club, Pontneathvaughan

  • 224
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The Angel Hotel, Pontneathvaughan

  • 246
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Pontneathvaughan steet scenes

  • 270
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Pontneathvaughan waterfalls winter 1963

  • 244
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Aberpergwn Estate

  • 579
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Cwmgwrach Scout Carnival 1966

  • 455
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Cwmgwrach school photo's

  • 499
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Train crossing the Langy Bridge, Glynneath

  • 202
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Aberpergwm House and Grounds

  • 118
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Aberpergwm Church July 2017

  • 146
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Sheep Shearing at Hendrefydd Farm Ystradfellte

  • 197
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Prince Charles travels through Glynneath 1969

  • 200
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