Jenny Jones

Jenny Jones was the subject of a famous ballad ‘Jenny Jones’ (sometimes known as ‘Sweet Jenny Jones’ and occasionally confused with another song ‘The Maid of Llangollen’). It was very popular between 1836 and about 1860 and she became an icon of Wales.
The ballad tells of the love that Edward Morgan, a sailor, had for her and how he had travelled the world and had seen many famous people, but wished to return to Llangollen and make Jenny Jones, Jenny Morgan.

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Welsh Costume: Jenny Jones, Rowland, 1849 ...

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Welsh Costume, Rowland, Jenny Jones, 1850

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Welsh Costume: Jenny Jones, Spooner, 1850s, 1860s

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Welsh Costume: Rock & Co. no. 1, Edward...

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Jenny Jones Operetta

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Llangollen. A poem

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