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Kevin Hawke is a keen diver and Living Seas Wales volunteer. This image is taken from his dive log and records a dive near the Hen and Chicks, Little Haven 4th October 1997. During the dive he observed a variety of marine wildlife which he describes in the "Dive Details" section of the log book (transcribed below).

Dive Details: Took the camera as the Trigger Fish were known to be about. Descended the anchor line and landed amongst a small shoal of Bib so took a couple of photo's with Leigh herding them back towards me. A number of Trigger Fish about managed to get a couple of decent shots - some hit or miss. Found a large edible crab in a small hole in the rock also a dozing Dog Fish. Tended to part from the others due to taking a little too long over photos. Pleased with the results when they came back!

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