Triggerfish sightings in warming waters

Over recent decades with warming seas, due to Climate Change, we’ve been finding species more often found close to the Mediterranean in British waters. One of which is the grey triggerfish/pysgodyn clicied (Balistes capriscus) . We document here some of the sightings of this fish over the past few decades; they include strandings after wintery storms and underwater sightings of live animals.

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1987 - Steve Hartley

"I bought my boat, The Sulaire, in 1987, which I regularly fished off. However I also fished before this point. In 1984, between Aberaeron and Llanrhystud, I was pulling up lobsterpots which were full of trigger fish.

I remember them being a nightmare to get out of the pots, as they would grind their teeth!"


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