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'Heddwch' is the supporter magazine for CND Cymru, the Welsh Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, published roughly quarterly from 1991 to the present day.
Page 1:
Happy 40th Birthday CND!- Celebrating 40 years of the CND.
Page 2:
Slowly but surely - an admission of the truth about Trident- Lord Gilbert admits financial costs of Trident far greater than previously stated.
A greater allegiance to mankind - A conscientious objector in Swansea, 1940- Extracts from George Cox’s Statement to the National Service Tribunal.
Page 3:
No magic formula: Euratom Directive 96/29- Criticism of the European Council Directive and the “low dose equals safe dose” argument.
Page 4:
Llandrindod citizen’s forum on nuclear weapons abolition- The 24 forum members generally supported the idea of world-wide nuclear disarmament.
Rhondda Cynon Tâf Borough Council supports CND Cymru over nuclear flights danger
Low level military flying over Wales - keep complaining!- The practice of military low level flying, permitted over areas of Mid Wales, is dangerous and unhealthy.
Welsh woman wins Ghandi prize- Mrs. Eirwen received the Ghandi Foundation Peace Price for founding Generals for Peace and the International Centre for Peacebuilding.
Pendine to be left in peace- The MoD’s Defence Evaluation and Research Agency is closing the Pendine Testing Centre in October.
Chernobyl: 1998 sheep restrictions in North Wales- 180,000 sheep are still being monitored for excessive radioactivity levels.
Congratulations to nuclear free Pembrokeshire!- Pembrokeshire County has agreed to affiliate to the Nuclear Free Zones Forum.
Page 5:
An international coalition of nuclear free regions- CND Cymru is supporting an initiative to lobby against nuclear energy alongside other local authorities.
Dounreay, Scotland “He that diggeth a pit shall fall into it”. Ecclesiastes X, VIII- A culture of secrecy and complacency exists at the Scottish nuclear site of Dounreay.
German anti nuclear protests continue- Protesters in Germany are blocking shipments transporting high-level nuclear waste.
Low level radiation: risking our children’s lives in the name of ‘defence’- Recent studies show low level radiation leads to cancer and other diseases.
Page 6:
The US at Menwith Hill: listening in to our every word- The US National Security Agency is intercepting European communications from Menwith Hill, Yorkshire.
Faslane Peace Camp eviction!- Residents of the camp are asking for £7,500 to help fight the eviction order by the local council.
Oxfam’s ‘Cut Conflict’ campaign- Oxfam is campaigning for a ‘Code of Conflict’ to restrict the trade and movement of weapons.
Vanunu - eleven years of solitary confinement to end!- The Israeli whistle-blower will no longer be kept in solitary confinement but campaigns continue for his release.
Philip Seed 1930-1997- Obituary of Philip Seed.
Page 7:
Greenham Women on Trial- Peggy Walford and Sarah Hipperton have appeared in court on a charge of criminal damage to the fence at Burghfield Atomic Weapons Establishment.
Japanese/US co-operation- New agreements between the US and Japan could threaten nuclear free status of Kobe and Kochi.
Campaign against the Eurofighter and the expansion of NATO- Sign the double petition enclosed within this edition of Heddwch.
Page 8:
PICTURES: Some of the members of European Parliament CND who recently celebrated CND’s 40th Anniversary
Nuclear waste just flying over the fence at Sellafield- Tests reveals the contamination of pigeons at the Sellafield nuclear installations in Cumbria.
Walking for Helen- A New Year’s Day sponsored walk raised funds for the Helen Thomas memorial.
Page 9:
Trawsfynydd - a highly contaminated area- The site of the closed nuclear power station at Trawsfynydd must be fenced to protect the public.
Happy 16th Birthday Nuclear Free Wales!- A conference on pressing nuclear issues marked the 16th anniversary of Wales being a nuclear free zone.
Page 10:
A vision for the Abolition of War - more than just bread and circuses- The Hague Appeal for Peace 1999 Vision Statement is set out and endorsed by Heddwch Action.
Dangers of Corporate Secrecy- Corporate reorganisation must not be allowed to hide changes to radioactive sites.
Songs of Praise for Trident?- Welsh campaigners condemn the broadcasting of Songs of Praise from a Trident nuclear submarine.
Driving without Brakes: The Fourth Trident Submarine and Nuclear Waste- CND Cymru recommends the MoD does not commission the 4th Trident Submarine to reduce radioactive waste.
Page 11:
No violence against the people of Iraq!- Sanctions against Iraq deny the rights of the Iraqi people and reveal bullying behaviour of the US.
Emily’s message to Tony- 11 year old member of CND Cymru, Emily Freeman, writes a letter to Tony Blair and Bill Clinton concerning Iraq.
2 for 1: recruit a friend- Pass this copy of Heddwch on to a friend!
Urdd Eisteddford Pwllheli 25th-30th May- CND Cymru will have a stall at the Eisteddfod.
Uncashed cheque?- Contact the Membership Secretary if cheque not cashed.
Page 12:
Diary Dates- Important dates between May 2nd and August 15th
Postal Slip to join the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.
Contacts for CND Cymru.
Heddwch contributions.

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