The UK Freedom from Hunger Campaign in Wales 1978-1997 written by W. R. Davies - former Director of the Welsh Centre for International Affairs (WCIA) at the Temple of Peace.

Launched in Wales in 1964 (following London launch in 1962), the FFHC was internationally headquartered in Wales’ Temple of Peace from 1978 to 1997. Through the 1960s, Welsh FFHC groups had raised £600,000 towards 47 specific projects, and there was momentum to continue the cause.

Over 2 decades, FFHC oversaw 57 further development projects worldwide in India, Africa, South & Central America, Asia, the Pacific and Middle East; as well as 30 development education projects (13 across the UK, and 17 overseas). Of £1,314,968 raised and dispersed by FFHC, over half – £722k – supported 8 projects in India.

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