Sculpted by Clarke of Llandaff this reredos was donated by William Symonds, one of the building contractors for St Catherine, in memory of his wife Louisa who died 20th Septemebr 1915. The four niches display four figures including two of St Catherine of Alexandria, after whom the church is named. On the plinth below is inscribed 'Magister Adest Et Vocat Te' (The Lord is here and calls you) whilst above the niches are four raised letters representing Alpha and the Omega and two monograms of Christ. At the base of the central and side panels are the words ‘Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus’ (Holy, Holy, Holy.) The panels are of mottled pink marble with a background of articifial gold. Brass plate records: ‘A.M.D.G et in memoriam Louise Symonds ob 20 Septr 1915 R.I.P.’ Louisa and William Symonds and their seven children lived at 17 Romilly Road, Canton, Cardiff.

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