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This photograph depicts the Foden lorry fleet used by Aluminium Corporation Limited at their works in Dolgarrog

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In the 1911 Census my grandfather William John West was employed at the Aluminium Works as a Steam Lorry Driver (which I'm pretty certain was a Foden). The story we were told by my father was that his father had delivered the lorry to the Aluminium Works from the London area and as they had no-one who was able to drive it they offered him a job and he moved his wife and eldest son to Dolgarrog. They consequently had 7 more children before leaving Dolgarrog around 1924 when his wife (my grandmother) died aged 43. During WW1 William West joined the A.S.C and was awarded the Military Medal.
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Thanks for your comment - it sounds like your grandfather took his family on a bit of an adventure! If you have any old photos etc to share, it's easy to create an account and start contributing to the site - take a look at our FAQs for more information: Thanks for sharing your memories!
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Its a nice thought (person who added 17/04/2012). But i am also researching same family and sadly (per census) he drove a STEAM lorry. The photo above is far too late for this. Vehicles in the photo are definitely after 1950 and more likely to be 60/70's. Foden did make steam lorries before the petrol/diesel ones but they were often open cab and with a distinctive steam funnel at the front. It would have taken 2-3 days to transport aluminium sheets to London in those days.

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