The DERBENT was completed by Armstrong Whitworth & Co Ltd at Newcastle-upon-Tyne in March 1908

The ship's first owner was S.A. de Armement d'Industrie et de Commerce, Antwerp. Voyages before requisitioning by the Admiralty in 1914 include destinations such as Port Arthur, New York, and Rangoon.

In March 1915, the DERBENT was in the Mediterranean at Port Mudros and Tendos refuelling naval vessels such as HMS PHAETON and HMS INFLEXIBLE attempting to seize control of the Dardenelle Straits.

The tanker was on passage from Liverpool to Queenstown carrying 3860 tons of fuel oil, when it was torpedoed by UB-96 on 30 November 1917. The uboat was captained by Kapt. Lieutenant Heinrich Jess.

The wreck lies on the seabed on its starboard side off Point Lynas, Anglesey.

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