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Witness depositions

gave that order - it was supplied by Ann Davis - we drank that there was a conversation between us he said "if we are Soldiers to Hold out and have half a Crown a day" he said if asked us if the Chartists a Row was to break out if we would fire upon them. we said it was the duty of a Soldier to quell the mob. I heard him say to hold out as Soldiers as we do and you will get half a crown a day - he asked us "if any one was to turn out if we would fire on them - we were together a little more than 10 min. I don't know who paid for the Glasses we did not pay for them - we went out together. he asked us if we would go down to his house some time when we were at liberty he we did not ask him where he lived. he said the landlady would tell us where he lived - We met him on the Sat y afterwards (2 days afterwards) it was about 6 o'clock getting dusk down by the the Canal he asked if we would go and have a pint of Beer - a comrade of mine was with us named Rob t Barr

W Brewer James Coles Octavius Morgan [These three signatures are written in an upwards direction across the previous text]

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