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Introduction to witness statements related to the charges against Richard Rorke and the beginning of the statement of Charles Young of Pill Gwenlly, Newport. He was on duty as a special constable and tells of the Chartists coming down Stow Hill

27th January 1840 Borough of Newport Monmouthshire to wit The Depositions of the Several Witnesses whose names are hereunder written taken upon oath before the Reverend James Coles and others Her Majestys Justices of the peace acting in and for the said Borough and in and for the said County and in and for the said Borough this 27th day of January 1840 on the Examination and in the presence and hearing of Richard Rorke brought before us and charged with having on the 4th day of November last past at the Borough of Newport aforesaid committed Riot and Conspiracy against the peace of our Lady the Queen her Crown and Dignity. Charles Young sworn says. I am a Nailor and Special Constable residing at Pill Gwenlly in the Borough of Newport . I know the Prisoner his name is Richard Rorke - I have know him about ten [ ... ]years residing in the Borough of Newport - I believe he is an Irishman . I - remember the 4th November last . there was a great riot on that day . I - saw the mob about half past nine on that morning. I was on duty that morning at the Station Hou se on Stow Hill nearly opposite Charles Street - I saw the Chartists coming down - Stow Hill . I dare say I saw nearly 4000. I could see up Stow Hill as far as Stow the Church and I could

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