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Witness Statement: John Lewis continued statement, relating to his recording of the encounter with Wright Beatty on the morning of 4th November

& I was not a witness at the Special Comission I reduced into writing the conversation I had with the Prisoner soon after it took place. I took down upon Paper the substance of what took place between me and the Prisoner. I put it so down within a - week or thereabout after the 4th November. I am now speaking of what took place between me and the Prisoner from my - recollection and without reference to what I put down upon Paper. I have not seen that Paper lately, it is possible I have seen it many times since I put down upon it - the substance of what too place between me and the Prisoner. I don't know that I have read the - content of that Paper many times - I had no - occasion to do so - very probably I have read the Paper since I wrote it. I have no doubt that I have read it, for I generally read every paper I write. I can't say that I have read it more than once I have not the paper now about me, it is now at my residence. The 4th November was the first that I gave information that the Prisoner was amongst the persons at my House. I gave the information in the first place to Sir Thomas

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