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Witness Statement: Alfred Tibbs' continued Statement, confirming the identity of Wright Beatty as the man he saw firing.

13 [Page number top centre] Newport about a from 2 to 3 months previous to my going to Mr Woollett . I can't say the month I came to Mr Woollett . I think it was about September 1839. - I knew the Prisoner at the Bar after that time. I had - been in the habit of seeing him about every night and sitting in the same room with him. I can't say - exactly how distant it is from Mr Clements door where I was standing to the spot where the Prisoner was standing when he fired, I am not a good judge of Distances. I was standing at Mr Clements - when the mob came down the Hill, when the - mob turned towards the Westgate I walked with them. Curiosity was my reason for walking - along with them. I was like a great many others. Certainly I was alarmed when the firing commenced - the Military fired from the window when I was making my way off - When I saw the Prisoner firing there was a great smoke. Altho I was alarmed and saw a great smoke and firing, I will undertake to swear that the Prisoner was there and fired at the Window . - I took particular notice of the Prisoners face because I knew him very well, I stared in his face I did not take any particular notice

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