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Photograph of part of the Hidden Now Heard Exhibition at Swansea Museum about Hensol Castle Hospital. In this picture you can see the replicated day room area of the exhibition, demonstrating the part of the hospitals where residents would spend their time during the days when they were not outside the hospitals. For residents considered 'low grade' (less able), they would be mostly confined to these rooms as they would not be granted the same freedoms as 'high grade' residents, who were often permitted to roam hospital grounds or venture out of the grounds on trips. Artwork hung in these rooms would always be hung higher than average homes, so not to allow residents to cause damage to the artwork, or use them to harm others. Furniture in day rooms would be simple and unassuming. Residents would have very little control over the activities and entertainment in the day rooms- such as television or radio channels; the staff at the hospitals would control these.

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