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An article by Jon Holliday describing difficulties faced by the Splott Operatic Society.

According to their website: "On 9th February 1954, a group of Splott businessmen called a public meeting and put forward the idea of forming an Operatic Society to further the "Arts" in the area. The Society was formed and temporarily named 'The Splott & District Amateur Operatic Society'. It was received enthusiastically by the Splott community, but a few obstacles had to be overcome before a 'Show' could be presented. These were lack of finance, lack of suitable rehearsal rooms etc.… in May 1955 the Society staged its first production 'THE GEISHA' at the old St. Iltyd School Hall in Courtenay Road." Source:, accessed 8/5/17.


It's been a tough year for Splott
Amateur stage

A SIGH of relief will go up from members of Splott Operatic Society when their 12th annual musical is presented in Cardiff next week.

For they have had more than their fair share of setbacks during the long months of rehearsal.

Their hard-working pianist Kath Probert, who has played for the past 10 shows, had to drop out. It took quite a time before a substitute was found. Eventually they roped in John Davies.

Then one of the players had to drop out. He was replaced but then the replacement had to drop out, too. With five weeks to go, newcomer Ken Jones stepped in to play the part and is making a good job of it.

But worst setback of all was that after one of the sets had been built and painted in the old Pearl Street railway station, a leak developed in the roof and completely ruined the scenery.

“It made a right mess of it.” publicity officer David Ellis told me. “We had to blank out the whole lot of it and start again. It meant a great deal of work for members, but we managed to finish it on time.”

The show, which has been produced by Harold Beese (with Sam Davies as musical director), is Maritza, and it will be staged in the Great Hall of the Welsh College of Advanced Technology, Cardiff, for the week commencing Monday, May 15, at 7:30 p.m.

From Microform, Local Studies, Cardiff Library.
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