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Edition of Grange Community News published in Autumn 2002. An article on page ten about Grangetown Festival’s Annual Baseball Game between past and present players. This year it was “a charity match intended as a mark of respect for the late Maria Collins, who did tremendous work for baseball in Grangetown and Cardiff. Maria single-handed went to local businesses and clubs to secure donations every year to enable every youth international to keep their shirts after their annual encounter against England. "Maria was always involved in raising money for the various charities and was a fantastic member of our community" said Ray Greenslade of Grange Albion.”
The article is accompanied by a photograph featuring a lady carrying a banner. The fancy dress winners are announced. They were dressed as Ginger Spice, Harry Potter and Rule Britannia.

The BBC Domesday Reloaded website reports, from 1986, “Grangetown is said to be the home of Baseball, having produced great sides of the past. Today the game still thrives, with children and adults taking part. At Sevenoaks Park (172/752) on a Summer's evening, it is common to have four games taking place, with many families sitting around the "diamonds" (pitches) enjoying the sport.“

Grange Community News is a community newspaper produced by Grangetown Community Concern. Grangetown Community Concern is a voluntary group, partly funded by Cardiff Council but almost entirely run by volunteers. It was established in 1977 and is a registered charity. The group was set up as an umbrella group for other voluntary organisations with its aims and objectives to provide and encourage services for all age groups, with a particular focus on older people.

The group organises the week-long Grangetown Festival in June. It also organised lunches and trips for older people, and produced a quarterly local newspaper. The organisation has awarded community cups to children from local primary schools who have shown community spirit and has also been responsible for arranging an annual carol service.

The group was renamed Grangetown Community Action in 2014.

The Local Studies Department, Cardiff Libraries

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