A tender submission for the architectural contract, the document outlines the creative intentions for embodying the ideals of peace and health into the building, both internally and externally. Attention is paid to the classical style of the surrounding site, the association of the Greek Iconic style with the 'summit of attainment in the Arts and Peace by the Ancient Greeks' and how it was hoped that the 'atmosphere' of repose in the ancient temples was to be captured in the Hall of Nations. From page four onwards the document gives a practical description of each area, giving dimensions, materials used and functional purpose etc. Page 4: The Entrance Hall Page 6: The Temple Page 8: The Crypt Page 9: Office Entrances and Accommodation Page 10:The Basement Page 11: The Lavatories and Council Chambers Page 12: Construction Page 13: Heating and Site Page 14: Cost

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