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Response letter to the Goodwill Message of the children of Wales. A response letter to the boys and girls of Wales. The letter is first in English and then in German, the English part reads; Boys and girls of Wales: We German boys and girls have received your message of good will, We greet you: For nineteenhundred and thirty six years the message of good-will brings hope to humanity. This message has proved to be stronger than the roaring of battles, the rattling engines, and the cry for gold. To us German boys and girls a leader has arisen who has given back confidence and the belief in the fulfilment of the message of Goodwill, who has fortified our senses for every thing pure and trye and who thus is strengthening us to live and to fight for peace. Boys and girls of Wales, we German boys and girls are ready to stand together with you in the fulfilment of the ancient message of foodwill and peace.

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