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Discover the ‘Memory Archive’ on People's Collection Wales and learn about dementia.

Raising dementia awareness develops learners’ knowledge and understanding of this common life-changing condition. It can also provide them with valuable life skills allowing them to support people in their families and communities living with dementia.

This resource:

  • will introduce you to the ‘Memory Archive’ on People’s Collection Wales, an archive of images that you can use in reminiscence work with people living with dementia

  • will introduce you to Alzheimer’s Society’s teaching resources for schools that make it easy to teach and learn about dementia

  • gives guidance on how you can use the Memory Archive in two practical reminiscence activities: Create a Memory Tree and Create a Memory Timeline

  • sign-posts to other free dementia resources, highlighting ones that are available in Welsh and English


Foundation Phase

Personal and social development, well-being and cultural diversity, Knowledge and understanding of the world

Key Stage 2, 3 & 4

Personal and social education

Curriculum for Wales 2022

Health and Wellbeing, Digital Competence Framework


Learning Activity Pack

This resource provides learning activities for your students using our website. See the Quick Links below for content to accompany this resource.

Download Teaching Resource

Archif_Cof_Dementia.pdf (PDF opens in new window) Memory_Archive_Dementia.pdf (PDF opens in new window)


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