Penylan House

In 1946 eight residents moved into the first “South Wales and West of England Home for Aged Jews” in St John’s Crescent in Canton. Within two years it became apparent that a larger home was needed and eventually Holme Towers, a large house in Penarth was purchased. This was unsuitable as it was too far from family in Cardiff.

The move into Penylan House was made on 15 October 1958. This was extended in 1965.

The construction of the new A48 Eastern Avenue in the 1970s meant the original Penylan House had to be demolished and a new home was opened in 1972. In 2014 the home was rebuilt again with 73 en-suite rooms and is now a full residential, nursing, and convalescent home run by Linc Cymru. It still contains a kosher kitchen and enables the Jewish residents to continue with their way of life but a declining Jewish population means that now most residents are not Jewish.

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