How to add content & publish

STEP 1 Basic information

It is essential that you add useful information; this detail will be displayed in the webpage alongside your file. As a minimum, we require you give a: creator, title and description; see my example:

STEP 2 Detailed information (metadata)

Now move on to Mapping (WHERE) and Categories & Tagging (WHAT and WHEN). Although optional, this information is important.


Zoom in using '+' button to the location you want to set your marker.

Click 'Drop pin' once and click on the map to set the location.


Chose from the list of categories and check any topic or theme that is relevant your item.

You can add your own unique tags if your item does not fit any category, see my example.


Add a date; check a decade that is relevant—it's that simple!

There are more Date fields if your item covers several periods or you want more detail.

STEP 3 Publish or save

Check the box to confirm that you have the correct permissions and agree to our Terms. Publish and you're page is created or Save As Draft to add more information later.


Your page gets sent to us for authorisation before being published on the website. This can take 24hrs or longer at weekends or public holidays.


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