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How to upload

STEP 1 Place files into the File Uploader

Use Select Files or drag one or more files* from your computer and drop them into the File Uploader (the white area in the picture below):

the file upoader

* Files are pictures, documents, audio or video items. Your files are then published as pages on the website.


STEP 2 Create a page with your item

I have added 3 images here and am being prompted to either create 3 individual items or group all 3 together as 1 multi-page item. This lets you create many separate items in one go or merge them all into a single multi-page* item.

example of upload

* Multi-page items are suitable for keeping related items together in one page, for example the front and back of a postcard or a document of more than one page.

Important: you go straight into 'Edit' if you add one file. If you add more than one, then select 'Edit' from draft items saved below the File Uploader; see next How To guide for help doing this.

example saved files


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