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Newspaper article from the Western Mail and South Wales News, published on 07/09/1931, describing the catch and pricing of fish at Milford Haven Market. Fish species include:
• Hake
• Cod,
• Sprags
• Laddocks
• Plaice
• Dogs
• Whiting
• Lemon sole
• Witches
• Megrims
• Bream
• Ling
• Pollock
• Coley
• Roker
• Skate
• Dabs
• Tubs
• Dory
• Gurnets
• Mackerel
• Herring
• Kippers
• Sole
• Slips
• Turbot
• Brill
• Red mullet

Article reads as follows: "Sept. 5. – Seventeen vessels landed at the market to-day, with a total catch of 1,344 kits of fish. Prices – per stone: Large hake 10s 6d, medium 9s 6d, small 4s 6d, cod 5s 6d, sprags 5s, laddocks 5s 6d, plaice 13s, small plaice 5s, dogs 5s 6d, whiting 3s 6d, lemon soles 10s 6d, witches 11s, megrims 8s, bream 4s, ling 2s 9d, pollock 4s 3d, coley 2s, roker 8s 6d, skate 8s 6d, dabs 7s, tubs 3s 6d, dory 4s 6d, gurnets 2s 9d, mackerel 3s 3d, herrings 4s, kippers 6s 3d. Prices per lb: Soles 2s 1d, slips 1s 7d, turbot 11d, brill 1s, and red mullet 1s 9d."

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