• William Anthony Hewlett c1900 at the photographer's studio

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May Hewlett wrote:
"My Father, Anthony, is on the left in this picture. I don’t know who the other man is, most likely one of his brothers. I know that as a youth he visited boxing booths at travelling fairs where men fought for money. They were very cruel affairs and Father said they horrified him - but going by this picture they fascinated him too.
As a young boy he enjoyed the rough & tumble of youth. The games were quite ruthless by our standards and black eyes & broken noses were the order of the day. He went to Horse Fairs where the riff-raff of mankind assembled. He visited boxing booths where men fought for as many rounds as they could - fisticuffs and wrestling - with no holds barred - there were no Queensbury rules then. They "horrified" him.... again and again! He had no romantic notions of the life of a seafarer either. Many times he described man's inhumanity to man. He was a pacifist and his son (my brother) declared a conscientious objector during WWII."

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