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Picture: 1
Lochs, mountains, moors

Polygala serpyllifolia. Standing stone moor. S Uist
Marys species name: Polygala serpyllifolia
Scientific name: Polygala serpyllifolia
Common name: Heath Milkwort

Picture: 2
Docks feeder at Blackweir

Mercurialis flowers in January 1975

Date: January 1975

Picture: 3

Helianthus rigidus, 01/10/71, Feral perennial
Marys species name: Helianthus rigidus
Scientific name: Helianthus

Date: 01/10/1971

Picture: 4
Llandaff Cathedral and c

Erigeron philadelphicus, Robins plantain 07/06/00
Marys species name: Erigeron philadelphicus
Scientific name: Erigeron philadelphicus
Common name: Robin's-plantain

Date: 07/06/2000

Picture: 5
Llandaff Cathedral and c

Elder flowers gen. Llandaff churchyard, 07/06/00
Marys species name: Elder
Scientific name: Sambucus nigra
Common name: Elder

Date: 07/06/2000

Picture: 6
Coryton Orchids

Dactylorhiza fuchsii. Left. Pigment fades 10 days after plant marked. To green, not spots
Marys species name: Dactylorhiza fuchsii
Scientific name: Dactylorhiza fuchsii
Common name: Common Spotted-orchid

Picture: 7
Coryton Orchids

Young D fuchsii leaves. Partial spotting purple above, green beneath
Marys species name: Dactylorhiza fuchsii
Scientific name: Dactylorhiza fuchsii
Common name: Common Spotted-orchid

Picture: 8
Gelli Draws Tip reclamation

Dandelion stigmas, ant seeking beetles
Marys species name: Dandelion
Scientific name: Taraxacum officinale agg
Common name: Dandelion

Picture: 9
Gelli Draws coaltip, The Graig, Pontypridd

Arctium minus (hollow petiole). Graig Wen, Pontypridd
Marys species name: Arctium minus
Scientific name: Arctium minus
Common name: Lesser Burdock

Picture: 10
Gelli Draws coaltip, The Graig, Pontypridd

Ploughman's spikenard. Coaltip West of Merthyr, 1972
Marys species name: Ploughman's-spikenard
Scientific name: Inula conyzae
Common name: Ploughman's-spikenard

Date: 1972

Picture: 11
Urban wildlife

Malva moschata. Ponty conifer ride. 07/08/72
Marys species name: Malva moschata
Scientific name: Malva moschata
Common name: Musk-mallow

Date: 07/08/1972

Picture: 12
Urban wildlife

Plantago lanceolata sexual stages. Anemophilous, protoynos, male late hermaphrodite. Llandxxx
Marys species name: Plantago lanceolata
Scientific name: Plantago lanceolata
Common name: Ribwort Plantain

Picture: 13
Ferndale. Musk, bogbean transplant

Strawberry flowers, 19/06/65
Marys species name: Strawberry
Scientific name: Fragaria vesca
Common name: Wild Strawberry

Date: 19/06/1965

Picture: 14
The White Tip, Potypridd, Crawshay's Iron Works, Trefforest, Lime heap, November 1984

Male Salix caprea, very early. 30/01/75
Marys species name: Salix caprea
Scientific name: Salix caprea
Common name: Goat Willow

Date: 30/01/1975

Picture: 15

Spring gentian. Gentiana verna, May 1979
Marys species name: Gentiana verna
Scientific name: Gentiana verna
Common name: Spring Gentian

Date: May 1979

Picture: 16

Bloody Cranesbill, Eire. June 2006
Marys species name: Bloody Cranesbill
Scientific name: Geranium sanguineum
Common name: Bloody Crane's-bill

Date: June 2006

Picture: 17
Solution pits. Algal succession -> angios

Pyramidal orchid buds but leaves salt scorched, 2006

Date: 2006

Picture: 18
Dinas Powys Iron Age Fort. Beech hanger. Veg. Badger.

Hart's Tongue sori. Bellows x0.8. 1/30 @ f 16. January 1964
Marys species name: Hart's Tongue
Scientific name: Phyllitis scolopendrium
Common name: Hart's-tongue

Date: January 1964

Picture: 19
Dinas Powys Iron Age Fort. Beech hanger. Veg. Badger.

Wayfaring tree. Blue anchor Trias. 1979
Marys species name: Wayfaring tree
Scientific name: Viburnum lantana
Common name: Wayfaring-tree

Date: 1979

Picture: 20
Dinas Powys. Murch Bridge, 'alien' forage plants

Mauve and purple Medicago sativa, 1972
Marys species name: Medicago sativa
Scientific name: Medicago sativa
Common name: Medick

Date: 1972

Picture: 21
Canal Water Plants

Lythrum salicaria. July
Marys species name: Lythrum salicaria
Scientific name: Lythrum salicaria
Common name: Purple loosestrife

Picture: 22
Plant Emergents

Lythrum diagrams
Marys species name: Lythrum
Scientific name: Lythrum spp.

Picture: 23

Impatiens exploded flowers. I. Glandulifer. August 1964
Marys species name: Impatiens glandulifer
Scientific name: Impatiens glandulifera
Common name: Indian balsam

Date: August 1964

Picture: 24

Impatiens capsules ready to dehisce. 10thSeptember 1971
Marys species name: Impatiens
Scientific name: Impatiens glandulifera
Common name: Indian balsam

Date: 10/09/1971

Picture: 25

Extra floral nectaries on Himalayan balsam. October 1980
Marys species name: Himalayan Balsam
Scientific name: Impatiens glandulifera
Common name: Indian balsam

Date: October 1980

Picture: 26
Whitchurch Reserve. Central Meadow

Papaver rhoeas near renovated canal. July 1978
Marys species name: Papaver rhoeas
Scientific name: Papaver rhoeas
Common name: Common poppy

Date: July 1978

Picture: 27
Whitchurch Reserve. Central Meadow

Ground Ivy. May 1989
Marys species name: Ground Ivy
Scientific name: Glechoma hederacea
Common name: Ground Ivy

Date: May 1989

Picture: 28
Aquatics. Canal algae

Zanichellia palustris. Male and female flowers. R. Geroptamus
Marys species name: Zanichellia palustris
Scientific name: Zannichellia palustris
Common name: Horned pondweed

Picture: 29
South Limestone

Purple Aguilegia vulgaris. 24th May 2000.
Marys species name: Aquilegia vulgaris
Scientific name: Aquilegia vulgaris
Common name: Columbine

Date: 24/05/2000

Picture: 30
Durmast Oakwood, Coed y Bedw

Wood anemones. April 1984
Marys species name: Wood anemone
Scientific name: Anemone nemorosa
Common name: Wood anemone

Date: April 1984

Picture: 31
Dutch Elm Disease

Bark of Huntingdon elm. U. hollandiae. Merthyr Mawr 4.4.86
Marys species name: Ulmus hollandiae
Scientific name: Ulmus x hollandica 'Vegeta'
Common name: Huntingdon Elm

Date: 04/04/1986

Picture: 32
River Taff, Aberfan landslip, Pont Y Gwaith Bridge

Oenanthe - Chrysosplenium. Gedrys flusk, April
Marys species name: Oenanthe
Scientific name: Oenanthe

Picture: 33
River Taff, Aberfan landslip, Pont Y Gwaith Bridge

Oxalis acetosella, Polytrichum formosum, Maentarosa, 1975
Marys species name: Oxalis acetosella
Scientific name: Oxalis acetosella
Common name: Wood-sorrel

Date: 1975

Picture: 34
Cynon. Wood club rush woodland pools. Near Mountain Ash

Scirpus sylvaticus. Second known site in Glamorgan. By railway, Cynon
Marys species name: Scirpus sylvaticus
Scientific name: Scirpus sylvaticus
Common name: Wood Club-rush

Date: 1984

Picture: 35
Cynon, Cwmbach railway side

Variegated Galeobdolon, St Fagans and Garth Hill, 1985
Marys species name: Galeobdolon
Scientific name: Lamiastrum galeobdolon
Common name: Yellow Archangel

Date: 1985

Picture: 36
Llyn Fach flowers

Rubus saxatile. Close up from Upper Kols pinewood
Marys species name: Rubus saxatile
Scientific name: Rubus saxatilis
Common name: Stone Bramble

Picture: 37
Sorbus. Lily of Valley, J. O. tufa and co

Icy tree branches by Taf Fechan Feeder plunge pool. Frozen splash, 24/11/92 by Ken Hall (I was there, but no camera)

Date: 24/11/1992

Picture: 38
Cynon. Dyffryn Wood by burning tip. North of Mountain Ash

Unripe rowan berries,. Eikenes, Oak Pt. Bakke
Marys species name: Rowan
Scientific name: Sorbus aucuparia
Common name: Rowan

Picture: 39
Cynon Valley. Newtown below Mountain Ash. Hanging oakwood with Formica rufa woodants and larch above (further down valley)

Genista anglica. South coalfield, June 1984
Marys species name: Genista anglica
Scientific name: Genista anglica
Common name: Petty Whin

Date: June 1984

Picture: 40

Linum bienne. Flax Calvi, 1971
Marys species name: Linum bienne
Scientific name: Linum bienne
Common name: Pale Flax

Date: 1971

Picture: 41
Severn. Floating reen species

Azolla filiculoides, Ty Glas Farm, 04/04/76
Marys species name: Azolla filiculoides
Scientific name: Azolla filiculoides
Common name: Water Fern

Date: 04/04/1976

Picture: 42
Hammadryad views, docks

Juncus gerrardi, Triglochin maritima
Marys species name: Triglochin maritima
Scientific name: Triglochin maritimum
Common name: Sea Arrowgrass

Picture: 43
Coalfield, flowers, foxglove, giant horsetail

Prunus padus fruits. Brecon October 1979. Perkins
Marys species name: Prunus padus
Scientific name: Prunus padus
Common name: Bird Cherry

Date: October 1979

Picture: 44
Caryoph, Purslane

Claytonia sibirica Pink Purslane
Marys species name: Claytonia sibirica
Scientific name: Claytonia sibirica
Common name: Pink Purslane

Date: 1998

Picture: 45
St. John's Wort

Hypericum pulchrum
Marys species name: Hypericum pulchrum
Scientific name: Hypericum pulchrum
Common name: Slender St. John's-wort

Picture: 46
Rosacae. Herbs

Cultivated rosehips (receptacles). Woodlands
Marys species name: Rosehips
Scientific name: Rosa

Picture: 47
Erica, Thrift, Pyrola, Primulaceae

Polyanthus. Petaloid grows on stamens, April 1967
Marys species name: Polyanthus

Date: April 1967

Picture: 48
Erica, Thrift, Pyrola, Primulaceae

Triangular transition Streptocarpus leaves after feeding. Shows basal growth, May 1994
Marys species name: Streptocarpus

Date: May 1994

Picture: 49
Gentian, Gunnera

Gentianella campestre ssp balticus. Rare. Voorne Island, dunes
Marys species name: Gentianella campestre ssp balticus
Scientific name: Gentianella campestris
Common name: Field Gentian

Picture: 50
Gentian, Gunnera

Gunnera manicata from South Brazil, Common land???
Marys species name: Gunnera manicata
Scientific name: Gunnera manicata
Common name: Brazilian Giant Rhubarb

Date: 1979

Picture: 51
Scrophularia, Digitalis, Euphrasia, Mimulus, Odontites

Digitalis purpurea, persistant? ??? young fruits
Marys species name: Digitalis purpurea
Scientific name: Digitalis purpurea
Common name: Foxglove

Date: 20/06/1970

Picture: 52
Scrophularia, Digitalis, Euphrasia, Mimulus, Odontites

Mimulus guttatus
Marys species name: Mimulus guttatus
Scientific name: Mimulus guttatus
Common name: Monkeyflower

Picture: 53
Scrophularia, Digitalis, Euphrasia, Mimulus, Odontites

Euphrasia eybright. Black Head
Marys species name: Euphrasia
Scientific name: Euphrasia
Common name: Eyebright

Picture: 54
Plantains, polygonum

Plantago coronopus, Seamouth Bay pebbles. December 1979
Marys species name: Plantago coronopus
Scientific name: Plantago coronopus
Common name: Buck's-Horn Plantain

Date: December 1979

Picture: 55
Composite. Doronicum, Eupatorium, Lapsana, Petasites Senecio. Solidago. Tussilago

Doronicum (leopards bane) Early loss of ray florets behaving as petals. Heads rotate facing sun. 1981
Marys species name: Doronicum (Leopards bane)
Scientific name: Doronicum orientale

Date: 1981

Picture: 56
Lily. Convalleria. Endymion. Ornithogalum Polygonatum.

Allium triquetrum bracts, sepals. 1981
Marys species name: Allium triquetrum
Scientific name: Allium triquetrum
Common name: Three-Cornered Garlic

Date: 1981

Picture: 57
Lily. Convalleria. Endymion. Ornithogalum Polygonatum.

Convolute vernation. Convallaria. 1981
Marys species name: Convallaria
Scientific name: Convallaria majalis
Common name: Lily of The Valley

Date: 1981

Picture: 58
Amaryll. Galanthus Tamus

Endymion hispanicus. Buds. Flowers. 1981
Marys species name: Endymion hispanicus
Scientific name: Hyacinthoides hispanica
Common name: Spanish Bluebell

Date: 1981

Picture: 59
Orchid. Platanthera spiranthes

Fasciated Ilex aquifolia, Spring 1974
Marys species name: Ilex aquifolia
Scientific name: Ilex aquifolium
Common name: Holly

Date: Spring 1974

Picture: 60
Scabious, Teasel, Valerian

Artemisia vulgaris, mugwort, September 1971
Marys species name: Artemisia vulgaris
Scientific name: Artemisia vulgaris
Common name: Mugwort

Date: September 1971

Picture: 61
Scabious, Teasel, Valerian

Field daisy head. 31/01/64. Bellows X 0.8. 1/30 @ F16
Marys species name: Field daisy
Scientific name: Leucanthemum vulgare
Common name: Oxeye Daisy

Picture: 62
Scabious, Teasel, Valerian

Daisy florets, 31/01/64. Bellows X 0.8, 1/30, F16
Marys species name: Daisy

Picture: 63
Solanaceae, Scroph.

African marigold seeds germinating in situ. October 1983
Marys species name: African Marigold
Scientific name: Tagetes erecta
Common name: African Marigold

Date: October 1983

Picture: 64

Lithospermim purpurea-caeruleum, 1981
Marys species name: Lithospermim purpurea-caeruleum
Scientific name: Lithospermum purpureocaeruleum
Common name: Blue gromwell

Date: 1981

Picture: 65

Thorn apple, Datura metaloides Page = Jimson weed
Marys species name: Datura metaloides
Scientific name: Datura

Picture: 66

Yellow archangel, Lamiastrum galeobdolon, May 1994
Marys species name: Lamiastrum galeobdolon
Scientific name: Lamiastrum galeobdolon
Common name: Yellow Archangel

Date: May 1994

Picture: 67

Marys species name: Thyme
Scientific name: Thymus

Picture: 68
Caltha, Anemone, Trollius, Hellebore, Meadow Rue

Duplicate, kingcup
Marys species name: Kingcup
Scientific name: Caltha palustris
Common name: Marsh marigold

Picture: 69
Rock Rose, Violet

Reseda lutea, Mignonette short spike, short name, long fruits.
Marys species name: Reseda lutea
Scientific name: Reseda lutea
Common name: Wild Mignonette

Picture: 70
Rock Rose, Violet

Duplicate. Viola riviniana 1981
Marys species name: Viola riviniana
Scientific name: Viola riviniana
Common name: Common Dog-violet

Date: 1981

Picture: 71
Rosaceae. Herbs. Saxfifrage

Salad burnet and quaking grass. July 1988
Marys species name: Salad burnet
Scientific name: Sanguisorba minor
Common name: Salad Burnet

Date: July 1988

Picture: 72
Rosaceae. Herbs. Saxfifrage

Parnassia palustris, Marram, Hippophae. Schiermonnikoog
Marys species name: Parnassia palustris
Scientific name: Parnassia palustris
Common name: Grass of Parnassus

Picture: 73
Rosaceae. Herbs. Saxfifrage

Parnassia palustris. Dune stacks. Schiermonnikoog I. Staminodes fringed with terminal nectaries, persistent in fruit. Outdise stamens
Marys species name: Parnassia palustris
Scientific name: Parnassia palustris
Common name: Grass of Parnassus

Picture: 74
Primula, Gentian

Centaury. Cemetery Road. Dark. July 1999
Marys species name: Centaury
Scientific name: Centaurium erythraea
Common name: Common Centaury

Date: July 1991

Picture: 75
Lily, Allium, Colchicum

12th day Colchicum, 29/09/70
Marys species name: Colchicum
Scientific name: Colchicum autumnale

Date: 29/09/1970

Picture: 76
Lily, Allium, Colchicum

Allium triquetrum. Honey guides, anthesis
Marys species name: Allium triquetrum
Scientific name: Allium triquetrum
Common name: Three-Cornered Garlic

Picture: 77

POOR. Birdsnest. 1988
Marys species name: Birdsnest
Scientific name: Neottia nidus-avis
Common name: Bird's-Nest Orchid

Date: 1988

Picture: 78
Juncus/Carex submerged

Carex paniculata, Eire
Marys species name: Carex paniculata
Scientific name: Carex paniculata
Common name: Greater Tussock-sedge

Picture: 79
Trees Rosaceae

Crab apple in blossom
Marys species name: Crab apple
Scientific name: Malus sylvestris
Common name: Crab apple

Picture: 80
Trees Rosaceae

Sprig of May, field hedge East of reservoirs, 17/05/2004
Marys species name: May

Date: 17/05/2004

Picture: 81
Shrubs, Viburnum, Lonicera

Viburnum lantana. The Devon-Dorset landslip
Marys species name: Viburnum lantana
Scientific name: Viburnum lantana
Common name: Wayfaring Tree

Picture: 82
Ferns, Moonwort-Royd

Filicales, habit and sorus diagram (Bellamy)
Marys species name: Filicales

Picture: 83
Ferns, Moonwort-Royd

Sporangia, Tmesipteris and Psilotum diagram
Marys species name: Sporangia

Picture: 84
Higher ferns

Croziers, Dryopteris filix mas, 1981
Marys species name: Dryopteris filix mas
Scientific name: Dryopteris filix-mas
Common name: Male fern

Date: 1981

Picture: 85
Galium, phragmites, thistles

Callus formation in beech bark, Moss only on bark, Little Garth
Marys species name: Beech
Scientific name: Fagus sylvatica
Common name: Beech

Picture: 86
Willow, Poplar, Sweet Gale Catkin bearers

Populus tremuloids Quaking aspen catkins cedar
Marys species name: Populus tremuloides
Scientific name: Populus tremuloides
Common name: American Aspen

Picture: 87
Ice at Cwm Mawr

Adiantum capillus veneris. Maidenhair
Marys species name: Adiantum capillus veneris
Scientific name: Adiantum capillus-veneris
Common name: Maidenhair fern

Picture: 88
Ogmore Down etc, Corntown quarry

Round-leaved cranesbill, 1989
Marys species name: Round-leaved cranesbill
Scientific name: Geranium rotundifoliumĀ 
Common name: Round-Leaved Crane's-Bill

Date: 1989

Picture: 89
Flatholm 1st rejects

Hyoscyamus niger. Young fruits. Gulleries, Walney, Flatholm, Steepholm, 1971
Marys species name: Hyoscyamus niger
Scientific name: Hyoscyamus niger
Common name: Henbane

Date: 1971

Picture: 90
Calicoles absent from dolomite: Helianthemum, Plantago media, Koeleria, Poterium sanguisorba, Scabiosa, Asperula cynanchica

Plantago media near St Athan and Wick, July 1968
Marys species name: plantago media
Scientific name: Plantago media
Common name: Hoary Plantain

Date: July 1968

Picture: 91
Saltmarsh plants. Rumney 1978

Bupleurum tenuissimum, Red fescue turf. 2nd September 1972. Near hare's ear or thorrow wax.
Marys species name: Bupleurum tenuissimum
Scientific name: Bupleurum tenuissimum
Common name: Slender Hare's-ear

Date: 02/09/1972

Picture: 92
Monkshood. Llanishen Brook and Water XXX pond

Aconitum anglicum. Native monkshood, 24/05/00
Marys species name: Aconitum anglicum
Scientific name: Aconitum napellus
Common name: Monk's Hood

Date: 24/05/2000

Picture: 93
Lisvane Reservoir

Tamus communis uneven ripening. Cwm Bach - Wick, 1988
Marys species name: Tamus communis
Scientific name: Tamus communis
Common name: Black Bryony

Date: 1988

Picture: 94
Lisvane Reservoir

Lonicera periclymenum fruits. 17/10/70
Marys species name: Lonicera periclymenum
Scientific name: Lonicera periclymenum
Common name: Honeysuckle

Date: 17/10/1971

Picture: 95

Verbascum thapsus, hairy petals July 1973
Marys species name: Verbascum thapsus
Scientific name: Verbascum thapsus
Common name: Verbascum thapsus

Date: July 1973

Picture: 96

Inula crithmoides
Marys species name: Inula crithmoides
Scientific name: Inula crithmoides
Common name: Golden-samphire

Picture: 97

Scropularia auriculata. Winged stem 1965

Date: 1965

Picture: 98
M4 Reserve. 1990-91

Pyraenean cranesbill, canal ironbridge, 28/05/90
Marys species name: Pyraenean cranesbill
Scientific name: Geranium pyrenaicum
Common name: Hedgerow Crane's-bill

Date: 28/05/1990

Picture: 99
Emergent Plants

Rorippa nasturtium-aquaticum = Nasturtium officionalis. Seeds in 2 rows, 25 pits. XXX
Marys species name: Rorippa nasturtium-aquaticum
Scientific name: Rorippa nasturtium-aquaticum agg.
Common name: Water Cress

Picture: 100
Skokholm flowers

Ustilago violacea on Silene maritimus, 1979
Marys species name: Ustilago violacea
Scientific name: Microbotryum violaceum

Date: 1979

Picture: 101

Oenanthe crocata Heligoland trap, 1979
Marys species name: Oenanthe crocata
Scientific name: Oenanthe crocata
Common name: Hemlock Water-dropwort

Date: 1979

Picture: 102
Sark hedgerow plants

Me and cucumbers on tomato house
Marys species name: Cucumbers

Picture: 103
Sark hedgerow plants

Brassica oleracea va. Capitata. White broccoli in Dorey's tomato house
Marys species name: Brassica oleracea capitata
Scientific name: Brassica oleracea
Common name: Wild Cabbage

Picture: 104
Sark hedgerow plants

Bunches of green muscatel grapes in roof of glasshouse
Marys species name: Green muscatel grapes

Picture: 105
Sark hedgerow plants

Green muscatel grapes. Glass painted to exclude too much sun. Pruned
Marys species name: Green muscatel grapes

Picture: 106
Sark hedgerow plants

Orange and purple freesias, La Pomere glasshouse, August
Marys species name: Freesias

Picture: 107
Chalk. Rabbit warren, Wiltshire Downs. Henbane, Deadly nightshade

Senecio integrifolius, field fleabane.
Marys species name: Senecio integrifolius
Scientific name: Tephroseris integrifolia
Common name: Field Fleawort

Picture: 108
Colonsay. Wood and Moor

Black spleenwort on gabbro faces
Marys species name: Black spleenwort
Scientific name: Asplenium adiantum-nigrum
Common name: Black spleenwort

Picture: 109
Forest Farm fauna

Holly stones opened by wood mouse. ORS woodland. Usually four-ribbed pip per drupe, triangular, little flesh. February 1972
Marys species name: Wood mouse
Scientific name: Apodemus sylvaticus
Common name: Wood Mouse

Date: February 1972

Picture: 110
Pentwyn Reservoir Marsh on alluvium at head

Horizontal stems of Rorippa sylvestris
Marys species name: Rorippa sylvestris
Scientific name: Rorippa sylvestris
Common name: Creeping Yellow-cress

Picture: 111
Litorella detail and diagrams

Littorella morphology
Marys species name: Littorella
Scientific name: Littorella uniflora
Common name: Shoreweed

Picture: 112
Views from Penarth Head and over Cardiff Bay

Knautia arvensis in old sward by canal. 28th July 1978
Marys species name: Knautia arvensis
Scientific name: Knautia arvensis
Common name: Field Scabious

Picture: 113
Views from Penarth Head and over Cardiff Bay

Anaphalis margaritacea. 8th August 1979
Marys species name: Anaphalis margaritacea
Scientific name: Anaphalis margaritacea
Common name: Pearly Everlasting

Date: 08/08/1979

Picture: 114
West lake. Land plants and colonising West. Rubble

Centranthus ruber. Pappas from Calyx??. August 1968
Marys species name: Centranthus ruber
Scientific name: Centranthus ruber
Common name: Red Valerian

Date: August 1968

Picture: 115
Cosmeston hawthorn field to East by golf course, 1979

Silaum silaus, Cosmeston for Monknash, 1985
Marys species name: Silaum silaus
Scientific name: Silaum silaus
Common name: Pepper-saxifrage

Date: 1985

Picture: 116
Gwaelod Garden

Orange crocus. Plan view, 07/02/71
Marys species name: Orange crocus
Scientific name: Crocus

Date: 07/02/1971

Picture: 117
Turloughs. Loch Bunny

Potentilla fruticosa, Llangollen. For Burren.
Marys species name: Potentilla fruticosa
Scientific name: Potentilla fruticosa
Common name: Shrubby Cinquefoil

Picture: 118
Corkscrew Hill. Helleborines, River Caher

Lesser butterfly orchid, Platanthera bifolia, 2006
Marys species name: Platanthera bifolia
Scientific name: Platanthera bifolia
Common name: Lesser Butterfly-orchid

Date: 2006

Picture: 119
Burren flowers. Taxonomic order

Slender St John's Wort, Hypericum pulchrum. Should not be on lime but Irish St John's Wort Hypericum canadensis has narrower XX and petals and no glands
Marys species name: Hypericum pulchrum
Scientific name: Hypericum pulchrum
Common name: Slender St. John's-wort

Picture: 120
2. Cape Clear Island. Used in book.

30. Scurvy grass by gull feeding ground. Bones of rabbit, bird, fish also crab and limpet shells
Marys species name: Scurvy garss
Scientific name: Cochlearia

Picture: 121
Lisvane Reservoir

Flattened pink sub umbels, wild carrot
Marys species name: Wild carrot
Scientific name: Daucus carota
Common name: Carrot

Picture: 122

Salix viminalis. Dioecious, male and female. 1981
Marys species name: Salix viminalis
Scientific name: Salix viminalis
Common name: Osier

Date: 1981

Picture: 123
Severn. Hedges by reens

Bryonia dioica, white bryony fruits, 01/09/72
Marys species name: Bryonia dioica
Scientific name: Bryonia dioica
Common name: White Bryony

Date: 01/09/1972

Picture: 124
Tresilien, Llantwit

Burned hedge survivors, geophytes, annuals. April 1984

Date: April 1984

Picture: 125
Nash Point

Inula helenium. Nash Point cliff top strip. Gwaelod 1983
Marys species name: Inula helenium
Scientific name: Inula helenium
Common name: Elecampane

Date: 1983

Picture: 126
Sea stack. Nash Point

Primula veris. Bigger than average for lias cliff, May 1967
Marys species name: Primula veris
Scientific name: Primula veris
Common name: Cowslip

Date: May 1967

Picture: 127
Penderyn stream & plants (= young R. Cynon) Cadlan

Mentha aquatica. Mangys scout camp. North Guernsey.
Marys species name: Mentha aquatica
Scientific name: Mentha aquatica
Common name: Water Mint

Picture: 128
Little Garth Lime discards

5 brothers we at same time born, 2 are bearded and 2 are shorn. The 5th not to give his brothers pain. Has 1 side branded the other plain. Sepals of wild rose.
Marys species name: wild rose
Scientific name: Rosa

Picture: 129
Little Garth Lime discards

White aquilegia. 25/5/2000
Marys species name: White aquilegia
Scientific name: Aquilegia
Common name: Columbine

Date: 25/05/2000

Picture: 130
Little Garth Lime discards

Wild cherries, south border ridge, August 1995
Marys species name: Wild cherries
Scientific name: Prunus avium
Common name: Wild Cherry

Date: August 1995

Picture: 131
Trees. Betulacea catkin bearers

Oak catkins. Young. Wind pollination. 17/4/1981
Marys species name: Oak
Scientific name: Quercus
Common name: Oak

Date: 17/04/1981

Picture: 132
Trees. Betulacea catkin bearers

Carpinus betulus male catkins of hornbeam
Marys species name: Hornbeam
Scientific name: Carpinus betulus
Common name: Hornbeam

Picture: 133
Collection Next best for text figures

Blown sand on hogweed south end of reef with its air strip and bird colonies.
Marys species name: Hogweed
Scientific name: Heracleum sphondylium
Common name: Hogweed

Picture: 134

Oxalis articulata under bracken, Battery Point
Scientific name: Oxalis articulata, Pteridium aquilinum
Common name: Pink-sorrel, Bracken

Picture: 135
Other St Mary's coast

Carpobrotus edule with young Hottentot fig, 1982
Marys species name: Carpobrotus edule
Scientific name: Carpobrotus edulis
Common name: Hottentot-fig

Date: 1982

Picture: 136
IX Arable crops / weeds

Ranunculus muricatus. Prickly fruited. 1982
Marys species name: Ranunculus muricatus
Scientific name: Ranunculus muricatus
Common name: Rough-fruited Buttercup

Date: 1982

Picture: 137
IX Arable crops / weeds

Medicago arabica. Bulbfield weed. 1982
Marys species name: Medicago arabica
Scientific name: Medicago arabica
Common name: Spotted Medick

Date: 1982

Picture: 138

Aeonium, Hebe, Cheiranthus, Lampranthus, Falciformis right. Flowers July / August
Marys species name: Aeonium
Scientific name: Aeonium, Hebe, Cheiranthus, Lampranthus, Falciformis

Picture: 139
St Mary's. Tresco

Coprosma repens is not New Zealand Mirror plant or Taupatu. Field and town hedges. Leaves. But 'Maori looking glass tree' = Griselinia lucida. Both are present. Fruits same as taupata.
Marys species name: Coprosma repens
Scientific name: Coprosma repens
Common name: Tree Bedstraw

Picture: 140
Glyn Cornel Valley Pond. Rhondda Fawr. Llyn-y-pia

Digitalis purpurea. June 1963
Marys species name: Digitalis purpurea
Scientific name: Digitalis purpurea
Common name: Foxglove

Date: June 1963

Picture: 141
Pen Pych Blaen y Cwm. Head of Rhondda Fach. 18 November 1984. July 1985

Thelypteris oreopteris. Rhinogs in flush on acid rock. July 1974
Marys species name: Thelypteris limbosperna
Scientific name: Oreopteris limbosperma
Common name: Lemon-scented Fern

Date: July 1974

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