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Thomas Hopkins Sworn says : I am son of Edward Hopkins who is Superintendent
of Police for the Borough - I live with my Father on Stow Hill. I remember Monday the -
Fourth November instant I was standing at the corner of Mr Clements '. It is nearly -
opposite the Westgate Inn I saw a Mob coming down Stow Hill. I ran to tell my Father who
was on duty at the Westgate Inn. After that I went to Mr. Clements ' corner when the mob
came down the Hill they turned round and went towards the spot where I was standing they -
were marching in order in front of the Inn Nine or Ten abreast - There appeared to be-
persons having the command of them they halted when they came to the Gates - One -
person in particular attracted my notice: when they got to the Gates - He had on a Fustian
Shooting Jacket and trousers and black Hat I noticed his Whiskers they were dark coloured
I took him to be a carpenter I heard him say something I could not understand what
he said. There was a movement on the part of the mob immediately after - The mob
came towards the front doors towards the passage all of them were armed that I saw
some had Guns, some had pikes, I saw one or two with sticks, I did not see any -
swords- They had arms of various descriptions - When I saw them enter the passage I
heard firing some from the mob outside and some inside I believe the first firing was
inside after I saw them enter the passage I saw the person I described as a carpenter in -
another situation I saw him walking from the mob he was walking Lame towards
Mr. Lloyds, Mr. Lloyds (is opposite this room, corner of Skinner Street I hear him tell
a man that he was wounded he had a single Barrell Gun in his hand I looked at
him, and discovered a hole in his trousers as if a Ball had gone through into -
his thigh I afterwards discovered who he was, Mr. Lovell who is now -
committed for trial - Immediately after the firing commenced I saw another person
who attracted my attention because he had a Wooden Leg - I saw that person -
come out of the crowd. I first saw him walking from the crowd opposite the Westgate
I saw him go towards Mr. Lloyds' Door at the corner of Skinner Street that is -
opposite the Westgate he had either a Gun or a Stick in his hand, I afterwards -
saw the same person walk down Commercial Street towards the Salutation he had
the same instrument in his hand walking down Commercial Street as he had
when at Mr. Lloyds Shop- I should know the person again if I was to see him
The prisoner at the Bar is that person, I have no doubt but it is the same person
I have no doubt about it I am quite certain that the prisoner at the bar is the
person. The Gates spoken of are leading into the Stable Yard of the Westgate Inn I do
intend to swear the prisoner is the man he had light coloured clothes on.
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