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Page 1:
27th January 1840
Borough of Newport
to wit
The Depositions of the Several Witnesses whose names are
hereunder written taken upon oath before the Reverend James
Coles and others Her Majestys Justices of the peace acting
in and for the said Borough and in and for the said
County and in and for the said Borough this 27th day of
January 1840 on the Examination and in the presence and
hearing of Richard Rorke brought before us and charged with
having on the 4th day of November last past at the Borough
of Newport aforesaid committed Riot and Conspiracy
against the peace of our Lady the Queen her Crown
and Dignity.
Charles Young sworn says. I am a Nailor
and Special Constable residing at Pill Gwenlly
in the Borough of Newport. I know the
Prisoner his name is Richard Rorke -
I have know him about ten []years
residing in the Borough of Newport -
I believe he is an Irishman. I -
remember the 4th November last. there
was a great riot on that day. I -
saw the mob about half past nine
on that morning. I was on duty that
morning at the Station House on Stow
Hill nearly opposite Charles Street -
I saw the Chartists coming down -
Stow Hill. I dare say I saw nearly
4000. I could see up Stow Hill as
far as the Church and I could

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Page 2:
see down Stow Hill as far the Westgate
Inn, the whole space was filled by
the mob - some of them were armed
with Guns, others with spears others
with Bludgeons and other offensive weapons
I saw the Prisoner at the
Bar that day whilst the mob was -
going down Stow Hill, I saw him Coming
up the pavement on the left hand
side of Charles Street, he was walking
fast, he came up to the mob, he -
went into the mob and I lost -
sight of him, the mob was then -
going down towards the Westgate
Inn. This was before the Westgate
Inn was attacked. I heard firing very soon after I lost sight of the
Prisoner in the Crowd. I did not see
anything in the Prisoner's Hand. The
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Page 3:
Prisoner was not forced into the
mob, he went of his own free
will, I saw several persons run from
the mob and persons running after
them and bringing them back. I -
did not see the Prisoner come
out of any House in Charles
Street that morning - I did not see
him running thro' the crowd to the
opposite side of the way

Taken before us
Octavius Morgan
James Coles
Thos Hawkins
W Brewer T Phillips

Thomas Hasler - sworn says. I was -
in the House of Sir Thomas Phillips Knight
on Monday the 4th November last -
His House is situate opposite the Westgate
Inn and divided from the Inn only
by the Road leading from Stow Hill
into the Town - I saw a crowd -that had come down Stow Hill
turn round the Corner of the Westgate

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Page 4:
and come in front of the Westgate Inn -
they were armed, some carried long
poles with pikes & spears at the ends. I saw
the Prisoner at the Bar walking by the
side of the Crowd upon that occasion -
they were several before him - he
was on the side farthest from the
Westgate, he went with the mob
in front of the Westgate Inn, the
body of the crowd formed in front
of the Westgate. I heard the mob
Shouting as they were coming down
Stow Hill and after they got in front
of the Westgate. I saw the mob break
the Windows of the Westgate Inn
with the long poles and Pikes they -
carried. I saw a great deal of smoke
and heard firing. I saw several dead
bodies. I saw no weapon in the Prisoner's

James Coles Tho.s Hasler
Octavius Morgan Thos Hawkins W Brewer T Phillips

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Page 5:
hands. I believe the Prisoner went
in front of the Westgate with the mob.
when the mob halted in front
of the Westgate, I did not see the
Prisoner go anywhere. The Prisoner -
was in the middle of the mob when-
the mob halted in front of the -
Westgate. I did not see him on the
Pavement after they halted -
I could see as far as Corn Street from
the window where I stood. I did not
see Mr Evans go into his House that
Tho.s Hasler [witness]
Taken before us
Octavius Morgan
James Coles
Sam Homfray
Thos Hawkins
T Phillips
Richard Rorke being called upon for -
his defence and duly cautioned states-
I live at the Top of Charles Street -
A woman of the name of [?] Barry

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Page 6:
came into my House about 9 o'clock on Monday morning the 4th November to light
her Candle. She said there was a mob
Coming down from the Hills, I was then
lying on my bed. I said to her "don't
don't bother here with your lies its no such
thing" then to shew she was not a
liar she said here they are coming, here
they are coming. I then had [.] on my
smallclothes and my []waste coat
I dressed myself as fast as I could
dress myself and went out to see
I did not wait to tie on my Cravat
I looked up and down Stow Hill
from Charles Street, I was amazed to see
the Crowd. I could not get up the Bank
to get on the pavement on the opposite
side, I ran down the Hill with the Crowd.
I spoke to a man with a Gun. I said
to him where the deuce are you going

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Page 7:
he said I be damned if I know
where we are going he looked
as if he was tipsy, I ran along -
until some one with a lusty -
Stout voice in front of the Westgate
Door cried out halt. I then
ran on fast to try if I could see -
who was leading them, I tried if I
could see Mr Frost - when I I saw
them begin to break the windows
I ran across the Street towards Mr
Evans' House & if Mr Evans had
not shut the Door I should have gone
into his House - When I could not
get into Mr Evans, I ran here and
there to the men in the mob and
said here is the Cavalry -
Coming if you don't get away-
you will be cut to pieces-
I ventured my life among-
them to tell them - I did not

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Page 8:
interfere any any more, when I got near Mr
Mullocks a ball went thro the shutter where
I was standing. Upon my reading the Papers-
I afterwards was surprised that Mr Frost was so-
near me and I not see him, he must
have been very much disguised or I
must have seen him, or the frustration
of my mind must have prevented my
seeing him - Richd Rorke
Taken before us Octavius Morgan
James Coles
Saml Homfray
Thoms Hawkins</hi>

With respect to the Paper mentioned by Etheridge
I know nothing at all about it. I was -
always for supporting morality in the
Association, when I was absent I
wrote to the Association to keep morality
in view, & not to have any physical force or
any destruction of property, and if they
heard any one talk physical to turn him
out of the association, that I stood for
principle & begged them not to be denouncing

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Page 9:
or ridiculing their neighbours by calling
them nicknames, I was always
an Enemy to it entirely - there is
nothing else I have to say Richd Rorke
Taken before us
Ovtavius Morgan
James Coles
Sam Homfray
Thos Hawkins
W Brewer
T Phillips

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